Friendly people
who support each others' spiritual journey

A room for young people
to hold programs, read and do art projects

A Siddha Yoga bookstore

An Amrit cafe

A quiet meditation environment

Free off-street parking

Live musicians for many events

Nature's Beauty Reveals Truth of Being

The SIDDHA YOGA®Meditation Center in Philadelphia Welcomes You!

You are welcome to join us for spiritual practices such as meditation, chanting, and selfless service, or seva. We study Siddha Yoga® philosophy and discuss the value of spiritual contemplation in everyday life. On Sundays after Satsang, we enjoy brunch in the Amrit cafe.

Please check our Calendar for our regularly scheduled chanting and meditation programs, plus special events such as Sunday chanting Satsangs, Family Satsangs, special Satsangs with Siddha Yoga teachers, and celebrations of Siddha Yoga holidays.

Located in the West Mount Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia, our Satsang and chanting programs are free and open to everyone, unless otherwise noted.

For first-time visitors, our Sunday morning Satsang programs are suggested (see Calendar for details on Sunday Satsangs).

For indepth information on the Siddha Yoga® meditation path, visit the Global Siddha Yoga Website at www.siddhayoga.org. You may be especially interested in exploring sections about:

Gurumayi Chidvilasananda         Baba Muktananda       Teachings of Siddha Yoga                                     Shaktipat  Spiritual Awakening                                   Online Siddha Yoga Bookstore